Microsoft Excel 2013 BI and Advanced Dashboards Training

Module 1: Dashboard Introduction

  • What are Dashboards
  • Component of Dashboards and Best Practices
  • Interactive Controls
  • Data Validation, Form Controls
  • Button Controls, Check Box Control
  • Option Button, Combo Box, List Box

Module 2: Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts for Dashboard

  • Create a Pivot Table, Pivot Table Tool Bar
  • Sort Group and Ungroup Data,
  • Consolidating Data Advanced
  • Using Calculated Item and Calculated Field
  • Pivot Charts and Working with Slicer

Module 3: Interactive Dashboard Functions and Using Conditional Formatting, Power Map

  • Interactive Dashboard Examples
  • Key Function of Dashboard and Reporting
  • Advanced conditional Formatting
  • Listing Top and Bottom values
  • Emphasizing Top Values
  • Power Map

Module 4: Using Power View to Design Dashboards

  • Introduction to Power View
  • Creating a Power View Report
  • Graphs and Visualizations
  • Data Relationships
  • Interactive Dashboards Examples

Module 5: Using PowerPivot for Dashboards

  • Importing Data into PowerPivot
  • Adding data from Excel to PowerPivot
  • PowerPivot Relationships
  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Implementing KPI’s

 Module 6: Introduction to Macro Recorder and VBA

  • Introduction to VBA
  • Recording and Navigating Macros
  • Designing Custom Functions
  • Excel Add-Ins, Designing and using Add-In
  • Tools and Tricks

 Module 7: Dashboards- Advanced Charts

  • Advance Charting and Dashboards
  • Gantt Chart, Water Fall Graph, Speedo Meter,
  • Comparison and Projection Graphs
  • Dashboard Using VBA
  • 10 Examples of Advance Charts

Module 8: Publishing Your Dashboard

  • Checking and Publishing
  • Excel Web App Introduction
  • Preparing your file for Excel Web App
  • Publishing with Excel Web App
  • Password Protection

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